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January 24, 2013 § 1 Comment

Salads have a sort of non-reputation amid the demand of today’s culture for everything to be interesting. They’re like that one girl at the party who’s only there because she’s someone’s designated driver, so she sits quietly at the corner table and won’t make eye contact with anyone. However, there’s hope for salads, just as there’s hope for the girl in the corner. Get them alone and they get interesting.

Picture this: it’s midweek and you’ve been charging full speed through your schedule, eating whatever bit of processed despair you’re given because time is short and McDonald’s is cheap and so dreadfully delicious.

Time for a change. Switch it up and get something fresh that hasn’t been endorsed by Jared Fogle.

If you’re in Edmond, you’re in luck. Grab your Keep-It-Local card for a chance at 10% off a salad from coolgreens over on E. 15th St. Their vegetables are so fresh that visitors often report sightings of mobile vegetation. Those greens are walking.

If you prefer more substantial fare, coolgreens still has you covered with funky flatbread pizzas, gourmet wraps, “coolwhiches” that come with a perfect pile of blue corn chips, and spectacular soups in pristine square bowls. Not to mention a fully functioning fro-yo selection. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. coolgreens also provides a “have it your way” option, allowing you to build your a salad tailored to your own particular tastes. You know what this means: SALAD WITH NO LETTUCE. Or, more conservatively, mixed spinach greens, corn, tangerines, cranberries, mushrooms, and a chicken breast, all expertly tossed in a gluten-free basil vinaigrette. Ain’t nobody gonna put this salad in a corner.

To top it all off, you dine amid the quiet buzz of respectful conversation, secluded in a corner booth, should you need privacy to indecorously devour your salad. coolgreens has a unique atmosphere of blues and greens and calm. It’s like doing mental yoga over dinner. Who can say no to that?

Though a full dinner at coolgreens may be a bit rough on the pocket, we all know fresh has a price tag, and you have to admit there’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking away with the taste of fresh lingering on your tongue.

So next time you have a few extra dollars and feel like supporting a healthy, sustainable planet and a healthy, sustainable you, take a gander over to coolgreens and shell out those greenbacks for the salad of a lifetime.
Coolgreens - Spring Creek on Urbanspoon


open daily | 11am-8pm

1189 e. 15th st.

edmond, ok 73013


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  • jacehuser says:

    I really enjoyed this post Jenny because I love CoolGreens. It’s probably one of the better places to eat in Edmond. I also enjoyed the comparison of salad to the sober girl at a party. Salads are really not appealing to everyone and I know I would have rolled my eyes at a place like CoolGreens when I was younger. But CoolGreens has become one of my favorite places to eat and it’s not too expensive, especially when you get such a large portion of salad. I recommend we take a class trip to CoolGreens!!!

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