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February 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

On a tired Saturday morning, few things are more motivating than coffee. When @CaffeineCrawl pops up on my Twitter feed, the mere thought of fresh roasts and caffeinated pretention gets me out of bed and into the city. Eventually, I’m lounging at Coffee Slingers, the last stop of the crawl, sipping a freshly-pressed Guatamalan Amarillo and tapping my feet to the quiet rhythms of De La Soul.


Guatemalan Amarillo pour-over. Notes of lemon blossom and red licorice with a nutty finish

I feel caffeinated before I even take a sip my pour-over; the very atmosphere of the place is coffee and it seeps into your pores. At the next table over, a ginger-bearded father munches scones with his two blonde daughters while they chat with the turquoise-clad barista behind the counter. At the bar by the window, laptops come out and customers type away with the bustle of the street as their inspiration.


glass and lights and shadows. perfect atmosphere for reading, writing, doing art, or chatting over your coffee

Coffee Slingers grew up on OKC’s Broadway Avenue five years ago, back when the up-and-coming culture of the city was just a dream for most. A pioneer of Oklahoma’s micro coffee culture, Slingers Roasters had a slow start, but is now thriving in the rise of “cultural relevance.” A block away, Wayne Coyne’s graffiti-encrusted studio colors the alleyways next to Iguana Tacos, Shop Good, and S&B’s Burger Joint. Broadway Avenue is growing up under the influence of the super-caffeinated, typography-obsessed generation that I’m proud to call my own.

When I first arrived in Oklahoma, I had to spend a good three months drinking whatever coffee I could get my hands on. I searched high and low for local roasts and when I finally found Coffee Slingers, I knew I’d found my paradise. They roast locally every Tuesday, ship Wednesday, and the beans are best brewed within fourteen days.

I usually polish off a bag in three.


Huckleberry Espresso // notes of spice, butternut, green grape, dark chocolate

Guatemala Guyaba // notes of nutmeg, walnut, apricot, & bakers chocolate, with a syrupy finish

El Salvador Malacara // notes of tea rose, green apple, and brown sugar

The best thing about micro coffee culture is the sense of community and camaraderie. Coffee brings people together. Employees aren’t there to punch a clock and collect a paycheck; they’re behind the counter because they have a passion for hospitality and coffee and want to share this love with whoever walks through the door. Your experience at Coffee Slingers or one of its sister shops will be different from a stop at Starbucks. At Slingers, it’s about quality. Every cup of coffee is made fresh with patience and passion. No more of yesterday’s Pike Place that’s been sitting on the burner for the past four hours; grab a cup of the Guyaba and experience a coffee that needs no sugar or creamer to be the best cup you’ve had all week.

So make the drive and pay Slingers a visit. They’re located at 1015 N. Broadway, downtown Oklahoma City, OK 73102 and open at all the most convenient times. Sit down at the bar with a cup of espresso and chat with the barista. You won’t regret it.


Mon-Fri 6:30am – 7pm

Sat 7am – 7pm

Sun 8am – 7pm

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