Elephant Tears

September 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Doris, flipping pancakes at seven sharp. Grandparents always up earlier than normal people. The chair was too high but I made it up. I am stronger than they realize. Doris flipped a pancake straight on my plate. It was an elephant and for a minute it was flying. My pancake elephant. I made him slurp hot syrup from my white plate. Felt mean a minute, cause it was probably real hot. Might have burned him, even. My face got wet cause I felt bad. Doris asked why and I didn’t think she’d understand so I just ate my elephant to put him out of his misery.

Kody got up, too. He must have been fighting his pillow. His hair looked like hedgehogs. I said so, but he didn’t see me. He asked for a jet fighter. Dumb. Machines can’t be pancakes. He made a noise like a jet fighter. Called it sonic boom and made my ears hurt. I asked Doris what sound an elephant makes. She made a noise like grandpa’s trumpet, like the sunrise sound he wakes us up with. I tried, but Kody laughed at me. My sounds are still too small. 

Doris taught us painting at the kitchen table. I got paint on my hands and my clothes but Grandpa smiled when I painted him an elephant. Grandpa never smiles, except this time, or when he has soup. He even put my painting on his door, with tape so it’ll stay forever. My little baby elephant. I didn’t hurt that one.


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