I am what holds you

August 13, 2014 § 1 Comment

I am the bright half-sister of routine:
quick keystrokes on the black and white of your life.
I am your PBR after five o’clock
I am your Friday night Netflix 
and the tee shirt you wear every Tuesday.
I am the half-cooked dinner
the unfolded laundry, the dishes
you didn’t want to wash.
I am Monday morning coffee
Tuesday night yoga
and Wednesday nights pretending adulthood
I am midnights and moments snuck away 
trying to repeat the lakeside where you met 
over cigarettes and disagreements.
But I am the stories you’ll tell in thirty years
I am the popcorn smell in the old green pillows
the old ticket from a movie you saw with her.
I am your threadbare baseball cap
I am the long drive you took, wearing it.
When you look back at the strata
of your memories, at layers of red rock
building cliffs of years and decisions and places you went,
I am among the fossils in the layers
among the pieces that don’t seem to belong
but hold it together anyway.
I am your mistakes, your successes, your rises, your falls
I am the battery that made you tick
and the glass of wine that made you talk.
I am what holds you.
I am what holds you.

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