September 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

This love is a forest:
consuming itself in chunks
as it rots sullenly
in the dank of leaves and bark and dying.

This love is overrun
with unformed angry things
un-enamored of its own beauty
trampled by seasons
deeper into the dark leaf slime.

But this love is a forest.
Out of the slime and the dark tunnels
out of the trampled, the eaten.
Out of the rot, the green grows

The forest eats itself
and lives forever.



September 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

Sand shifts peevishly between my toes
against the dead winter skin on my legs.
Leaves cavort in space
between branch and brown grass
and miles above my head
the vast expanse of blue is dotted – like a child’s notebook –
with ravens that circle endlessly:
black feathers ruffling in sunlight and wind.

She’s here beside me.
Her long eyelashes
stark against the pale winter of her skin.
Her fingers, slim and intentional
flutter on the pages of a book
forgotten. She sleeps.
A faint smile steals her lips –
for a moment
I see her dreams

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