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Kaylan C. pours a fragrant strawberry white tea.

Hectic weeks, stacks of books, breakups and broken dishes – college turns difficult sometimes, but exploring always seems to put at least one out-of-place facet of life back where it belongs.

It was a dreadfully long day and I was prepared to curl up in bed with a Forster novel. I needed to soak up words because I used up all the ones I’d gathered the night before. But my roommate looked despondent and the apartment was too messy, so we climbed in the car and got lost in Nickel Hills. The important part is that we found t, an urban teahouse.

Soft lighting, bright silver tables, and the irresistible aroma of assorted teas greeted us more cheerily than we’d expected. A curly-headed brunette answered our barrage of questions with efficiency, offering us can after can of aromatic tea to help us make our decision. I settled on a lemon ginger oolong that smelled like sunshine. My roommate chose a dainty strawberry white tea highly reminiscent of childhood tea parties. 

Ten minutes later, we were pouring the fragrant liquid into small teacups and with the steady stream of tea flowed all the words we hadn’t used up yet.

The English have it figured out. There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea to get the world spinning right again.

So when you need a moment to gather your senses and retreat from the absurdity of everyday, duck into this small tea house and find peace in steeping tea leaves and a quiet buzz of conversation.

If you want a taste of tea culture in your home, their selection of loose-leaf tea is enormous and affordable. In addition to exceptional drinks, t also supports local artists and the majority of the art on the wall is temporary and available for sale. Bring your Keep It Local card, or buy one there and take advantage of the rewards you’ll get from supporting the local movement.

Oklahoma has never been revered for its appreciation of coffee and tea culture, but thanks to passionate entrepreneurs who open places like Cafe Evoke and t, an urban teahouse, the state’s coffee and tea community is beginning to make a mark on the up-and-coming city. Don’t just sit in your overstuffed chair and tell me that Lipton uses fresh tea leaves, go explore fresh(er) tea and community that you won’t find with a yellow box of teabags.


7518 n. may suite d

okc, ok  73116



mon-fri  8-9

sat 10-9

sun 12-6

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